Access to 26 successful internet business women who share 165 ideas that you can use to grow your business.

Real women, real success. No hype or empty promises.

26 stories of what worked, what didn't, and how you can build an on-line business your way.

What could YOU do with that kind of insider information?

Web Wonder Women
First Edition Softcover: 236 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-9728940-4-3

Web Wonder Women

Meet the Web Wonder Women

Julie Eckstein

Julie Eckstein
Passion Leads to an International Business 


Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier
Creating Team-made Millionaires


Judy Foster

Judy Foster
Changing the Face of Networking


Jeanette Cates

Dr. Jeanette Cates
If You Don't Love It, Don't Do It


Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser
From Bankruptcy to Big Success


Holly Cotter

Holly Cotter
Family Pressures
and Self-doubt
Didn't Stop Her


Lynn Pierce

Lynn Pierce
Painfully Shy
No Longer


Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Divorced Mom Triumphs at Last


Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee
When You Hit It Big


Alexandria 'Ali' Brown

Alexandria "Ali" Brown
A Niche That Grew Into an Empire


Alice Seba

Alice Seba
Helping Moms Stay Home to Raise Their Children


Julie Hood

Julie Hood
Using Leverage to Expand


Barbara Drazga

Barbara Drazga
Creating a Niche in the Corporate Arena


Peggy McColl

Peggy McColl
The Super Glue Technique for Success


Nina East

Nina East
Turning Your Weakness Into a Product


Stephanie Frank

Stephanie Frank
Systems are a Girls Best Friend


Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith
Creating a Research and Development Team


Heather Seitz

Heather Seitz
Knowledge as Power
in a Male
Dominated Field


Rhea Perry

Rhea Perry
Seven Kids
to Teach About Business and Life


Jeannine Clontz

Jeannine Clontz
Establishing Credibility in Your Marketplace


Darlene Willman

Darlene Willman
Adding Value by Educating


Pat Zickafoos

Pat Zickafoos
The Perfect Business for Your Needs


Jenny Hamby

Jenny Hamby
Keeping a Firm Grasp on Your Time


Norma Strange

Norma Strange
Be Choosy About
Your Clients


Mary Kay Sheets

Mary Kay Sheets
Staying Small on Purpose


Theresa Wilson

Theresa Wilson
When it is more
than a business






Dear Friend,

I had an epiphany in a hotel rest room in Chicago.

I was at another internet marketing seminar, struggling to figure out how to make it with my internet business.

After two years of hard work and thousands of dollars worth of classes, books, seminars, and products, I felt like a loser.

Sure, I had a couple of web sites but I wasn't making nearly enough money to cover my expenses.

Like many of you, my dream was to earn enough money from my web based business so I could kiss my corporate job goodbye.

As I was washing my hands on the second day of the Chicago seminar, I realized that even though many women were attending the conference, all the speakers were men.

While they were very informative, I kept hearing a little voice inside me saying, "Aren't there any women who could inspire me?"

I wanted to hear from successful women who understood about the laundry, trips to the orthodontist, kids' homework, and demands of being a good wife, mother, employee, and successful businesswoman.

I cracked open my copy of your book today and couldn't put it down. In fact, I read the entire book in one afternoon. I love how every women had a unique story and a valuable lesson to share. It was really inspiring to hear how even though each of them had challenges along the way, they overcame them to achieve real life success. I highly recommend this's touching, inspiring, and truly encouraging.
          Kristie Tamsevicius, Author, Speaker, Online Business Expert

Barriers to success

Statistically speaking, the biggest barrier to success for women in business is a lack of female role models.

In that Chicago rest room I made a vow that I would find female role models, women who had what I wanted:

  • a successful on line business
  • great income sources
  • time to create products and attend seminars
  • knowledge of how to build and sustain a successful business
  • wisdom that would help me quit wasting time and money without any clear results

Web Wonder Women

is the result of my quest.

I spent a year finding and interviewing 26 successful women who had the kind of business I longed for:

  • profitable
  • joyful
  • aligned with the passions and personalities of their owners.
Then, I put all the information I learned into a book that any woman can use to grow a profitable web based business.


Web Wonder Women

Frankly I was shocked at some of the things I learned.

Every woman agreed to be interviewed without hesitation. They generously shared their inspiring stories of successes, failures, triumphs, and know how.

None of the women held anything back.

They shared the TRUTH about what it really takes to be successful in business and still have a personal life.

$19.95 US plus Shipping & Handling
MO residence add 7.55% Sales Tax
Web Wonder Women

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After reading Web Wonder Women Tina said:

"LOVE this book! I would rather read and learn from someone's story than a how-to book. These stories are touching, inspiring, and chock-full of valuable business information. A great resource for anyone wanting to build an online business."
          Tina Forsyth, Online Business Manager

Veronica wrote:

"Web Wonder Women is a wonderful source of inspiration, motivation, and information. This book is a must read for all women in business from the beginner to the established business owner."
          Veronica Hay, Author and Publisher

Now, it's YOUR turn to learn from strong, successful women with integrity, honesty, and a passion for helping other women succeed!

In Web Wonder Women you will get the inside scoop on a variety of on line businesses including

  • information marketing
  • coaching
  • virtual assisting
  • web designing
  • copy writing
  • real estate

You will hear from REAL women who are mothers, grandmothers, wives, singles, shy, courageous, corporate refugees, former teachers, and entrepreneurs who would rather go hungry than answer to a boss ever again.

There are 165 ideas that you can put to work in your business.

Here are just a few of them:

Image the networking technique men use and women resist (page 25)
Image how giving gets you customers (page 31)
Image when to trust your intuition (page 40)
Image fool- proof ways to create products (page 88)
Image three keys to unforgettable customer service (page 127)
Image why written contracts are crucial (page 156)
Image the difference between marketing and branding (page 203)
Image one task you should never delegate (page 212)

There are 236 pages of honest, real world information that you can use right away.

There's no theory or fluff here, nor are there any boring discussions of technology that are designed to make you feel ignorant.

These women speak YOUR language.

They understand YOUR challenges, goals, and aspirations.

Reading this book will make you feel

  • empowered
  • smart
  • ready to make your dreams come true

In fact, at the end of each chapter you will find a special MAKE IT REAL section that will help you apply each of the Web Wonder Women's wisdom to your business.

Susan said:

"These women started out just like the rest of us and created successful businesses. They share powerful insights. This book contains important information for women to begin home-based businesses and SUCCEED."
          Susan Guiher, Personal and Business Coach

$19.95 US plus Shipping & Handling
MO residence add 7.55% Sales Tax
Web Wonder Women

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Are you ready to change your life and your business?

Today, you can move your business to a new level.

There is an agenda here. It's time to see more successful women on line.

Don't you want to see more women speaking at events, launching successful websites, and creating wonderful lives for their families?  When one of us succeeds, we all can stand a little taller.

"This book is a must read for women who want to make it big using the power of the internet. Not only is each woman unique and inspirational, they each share practical time and money saving advice for anyone who wants to be more successful with their online Business."
          Marie Forleo, Author and Entrepreneur

So today, I am offering you an ethical bribe:

Purchase a copy of Web Wonder Women for $19.95 US plus shipping and handling (Missouri residents add 7.55% sales tax).

Read it, apply it, and join the 26 women in this book in changing the face of internet business.

To entice you to act now, here are $1,735 worth of bonus items specifically chosen to help you create your own success story, including my personal list of 165 great ideas from this book. 

"Web Wonder Women"
eBook by Lynne Klippel
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"165 Great Ideas from Web Wonder Women"
by Lynne Klippel
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"How to Create, Market, and Manage a Super Profitable Online Business"
by Andrea J. Lee
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"A Road Map to Success System"
5 eBooks by Peggy McColl
Value: $79.99
"Four Questions for Online Success"
audio by Dr. Jeanette Cates
Value: $47.00

"Coaching for an Extraordinary Life"
eBook by Terri Levine
Value: $14.99

"Create Your Ideal Body"
eBook by Terri Levine
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"How to Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Made By Most Conscious Business Owners"
by Christine Kloaer
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"Six Steps to Your Internet Cash Machine"
by Julie Hood
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One year Virtual Associate in Shared Vision Network
from Judy Ann Foster
Value: $97.00

"How To Overcome All Your Fears Of Selling"
by Tessa Stowe
Value: $29.00

"Wake Up To The Dream:
How To Make Your Dreams A Reality NOW!"

by Eva Gregory.
Value: $695.00

"Extreme Home Office Makeover"
by Kristie Tamsevicius
Value: $29.95

"Product Creation in Three Easy Phases"
by Alicia Smith
Value: $24.95

"What The Heck Do You Know Anyways?"
by Kelly McCausey
Value: $14.99

"Passive Proffits"
audio seminar by Holly Cotter
Value: $29.95

"Financial Freedom on a $1 a Day"
by Suzanne Kincaid
Value: $25.00

"Introduction to Feng Shui"
by Linda Binns
Value: $12.95

"The 6 Step Relationship Attraction Process"
by Rosemary Heenan
Value: $10.00

"So, You Want to Be a Ghostwriter"
by Bobbi Linkemer
Value: $12.00

"The 3 Greatest Challenges for Inner-Directed Individuals"
by Sarah Dolliver
Value: $24.99

Creativity Coaching Session
from Lael Johnson
Value: $200.00

"The Art of Practice"
eBook by Jeanna Gabellini
Value $19.97

"Blueprints for Life: Success 101"
by Lynn Pierce
Value: $197.00

"The 10 Secrets to Living the Life of Your Dreams"
by Jan Janzen
Value: $27.00

How it works

When you purchase Web Wonder Women today, you will be taken instantly to a download page.

On that page, you’ll enjoy immediate access to the ebook version of the full manuscript plus all these amazing bonus items.  You can dive right in and harvest a wealth of information for your business within the next few minutes.

Then, in a few days, you’ll received your bound copy of the book, where you can write in the margins, turn down the pages, and highlight all the ideas that are the most meaningful for you and your business.

"Use this book to inspire you, give you ideas, find contacts, and generate courgage to put on your own cape and WOW the world with your talents and dreams."
          Dr. Deborah Miller

Are you ready to succeed?

26 powerful female role models are standing by; ready to help you make it happen.

Click here to claim your copy of the book, all the bonus items, and meet the Web Wonder Women.

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Web Wonder Women

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Here’s to success for ALL of us,

Lynne Lynne Klippel

Lynne Klippel

Blessing Baskets

P.S. A portion of the proceeds from this book go to the Blessing Basket, helping women in third world countries eliminate poverty. 

Read about this amazing project on page 223 of the book.

P.S.S. The bonus items are only available for a limited time.  Please claim your book right away so you don’t miss out.  Order today to get started growing your business right away.

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Web Wonder Women

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